As intuitive therapists, we are highly versatile and adaptable, and we take pride in our ability to sense what each body needs and choose the right techniques for each individual client. We offer a wide range of regimens—from the most relaxing Swedish to very Deep Tissue and trigger point work. The style depends on your objectives for your session.

We can combine several techniques and often utilize energy work, Tui na, reflexology, and sports massage combined with stretches. In deciding on a course of therapy, we carefully feel each muscle and explore it from connection to connection, looking for tightness, knots, or imbalance. We listen to the body and sculpt the muscles back into their correct forms so that they can function properly.

We also offer couples’ massage, prenatal massage, chair massage, and geriatric massage. We have helped clients with diverse ailments—stress, TMJD, lower back pain, headaches and migraines, neck pain, and shoulder problems, along with an array of other body pains and conditions.

Which approach is right for you? Tell us how you’re feeling and let’s determine the most effective techniques together.


Regular Massage:


Specialty Massage:


 Posted on : December 3, 2013

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