geriatric massage therapy denverGeriatric massage therapy is designed to address the specific bodily needs of the elderly. This type of massage uses gentle and light application of massage techniques; it can include passive stretching and a light oil or lotion in order to work muscles without causing excessive friction to the skin. These techniques can help enhance blood circulation, combat depression, improve balance and flexibility, reduce the pain of arthritis, increase joint mobility, improve posture, and enhance well-being. Geriatric massage can be especially helpful in maintaining and improving overall health as we age. In fact, it has been shown to relieve anxiety and provide comfort, especially to touch-deprived elderly clients.

If you have a specific health condition, you should obtain permission from your physician to proceed with massage. This is because, as with any population, there are certain conditions that are not recommended for massage. Next, be sure to specify your preference for geriatric massage when scheduling your appointment.

Helpful Wellness Tip: Many geriatric massage clients choose to have a friend or family member join them for their first visit to ensure they have a comfortable and relaxing experience. Of course, you may decide what amount of clothing you prefer to wear during your massage. Throughout the session, you will be properly covered at all times, and only the area being worked on will be exposed

 Posted on : April 30, 2013

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