Refresh yourself quickly with a rejuvenating chair massage. For this type of casual massage, you keep all of your clothes on, and no oil or creams are used on your skin.chair massage denver

By the Minute

While a massage therapist typically charges by the hour for a table massage, chair massage is billed by the minute since it is a shorter session. Before you begin, tell the massage therapist how many minutes you want. Even ten minutes focused on the neck, back, and arms is sufficient if your goal is to improve circulation, increase energy, and feel relaxed.

Massage Chair

Though its ergonomic design might look strange, this chair cradles the client in comfort and provides an advantageous angle for the practitioner to administer massage. Many have a weight capacity of 350 lbs. while other models can hold up to 650 lb. Some recommend that large-chested and pregnant women use a triangular-shaped sternum pad while sitting in the chair for greater comfort.

The Massage

With this massage, the chair gives the therapist easy access to your neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands, and head. Specify which parts of the body you would like her to concentrate on. The routine generally starts with relaxing effleurage and compression, which is followed by therapeutic petrissage and rejuvenating tapotement.

To start, the therapist will gently glide her hands over your body with effleurage strokes, letting you to become accustomed to her touch. Next, with some compression, she will press against your body using the palms of her hands in conjunction with your breathing. She will employ a kneading technique with firm pressure that lifts and squeezes muscle tissue. To revive you, the end of the massage consists of rhythmic percussive tapping using the fingers or fists.


 Posted on : April 30, 2013

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