carolpicI am a member of the Associated Bodyworks and Massage Professionals and a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Colorado. Massage Therapy found me. I helped care for my mother during her last months of life. I spent many, many hours rubbing lotion on her, this was the biggest comfort she or I could find to deal with the pain. Shortly after she passed, I enrolled in Massage Therapy School.

My instructor commented “The very first time I saw Carol put her hands on someone, I knew she was in the right profession. When you have been around massage as long as I have, you can tell so much about a therapist by their first contact.” I graduated with a 101 GPA and was accepted into the Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society. I bring the love of a daughter, a mother and a friend, the knowledge of a professional, and the care of someone who truly listens to your words and your body into each and every session.

I appreciate the gift I have been given and I am constantly striving to find new ways to help my clients. Clients express that I give simply the best massage they have ever had and each time it only gets better. I also hear that I have magic hands over and over again. Thus “Simply Magical Massage” became my trade name. I feel so blessed that this incredible profession found me and has given me the chance to help so many others.

 Posted on : April 21, 2013

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