Specialties:  ~  MPS Therapy

I am a Denver School of Massage graduate. I was trained in multiple modalities including Russian Sports massage, Trigger Point therapy and Acupressure as well as Structural massage and Hydrotherapy. I am Nationally Certified and also registered to practice in Colorado. I am also a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP) and I do massage for all ages… one of my favorite clients is 89 years old; another is 6.

bethI am certified in MicroCurrent Point Stimulation therapy (MPS) which is directed at pain management and balance for the nervous system. In short, MPS Therapy is “needle-less” acupuncture, takes a shorter period of time to apply the treatment and is non-invasive with great outcomes.  It’s a therapy designed by an acupuncture doctor and I typically integrate it with a massage, but also offer treatment to people who want a session without massage.

MPS is effective in relaxing tissue, calming the whole body, and reconnecting the Central and Peripheral nervous systems for anyone who has suffered trauma or has had stroke, or other physical or mental dysfunction no matter what the cause.

My massage is usually described as calming, nurturing, yet effective for working deeply sore muscular trauma; I take layer by layer and work slowly to achieve results without inflicting heightened pain during the process.   As a former longtime farmer, then a professional in the technology field, I understand the stress and pain that is caused by simply doing hard manual labor and repeating patterns of movement and chronic overuse of a particular set of muscles; like sitting for long periods of time in front of a computer.  I bring understanding and further, education in stretching and relaxation techniques that the client can use to feel better and learn new habits between massages!


 Posted on : October 17, 2013

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